Mandala Top Pattern Release Sale!

Morale Fiber

Today is the day!

I’ve been working frantically on creating these Mandala Tops, and the pattern that accompanies them, since my friends started requesting them in May. I have worked this pattern over and over again, in all three sizes, as well as creating charts, editing photos, and revising the design until I was completely satisfied with it.

So I’m very excited to finally release this pattern for sale in my Etsy Shop, and as an added bonus (and because it’s too hot for real clothes!) I am offering 50% OFF now through July 31st using the coupon code “50OFF”! Yep, you can grab this pattern right now for only 3 bucks!

Crochet Mandala Top 1

Sizes: Small, Medium and Large (measurements for each in the table below)

Hook Size : 5.00 mm

Yarn Weight: Worsted

Whether you’re a beginner who is ready to move on from hats and scarves or a master…

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Bindu Recycled Sweater Bikini

Regina from the amazing MORALE FIBER blog has done it again with a freakin amazing boho festival top. Check out her improv pattern and an awesome blog to while away your morning.

Morale Fiber


When it comes to screaming “beach hippie” I don’t think you can get much louder than the crocheted bikini, and it didn’t take me very long to make one after re-entering the world of crochet in my late teens. Except, because I didn’t know any better seven years ago… I made it out of worsted weight acrylic. Yikes.

For those of you who don’t know, acrylic yarns do not breathe, and they certainly are not absorbent or fast-drying. So they aren’t the kind of material you want to sweat in. All I’m sayin’ is, crochet yourself an acrylic bikini and prepare for your boobs to suffocate.

Cotton’s the thing.

According to the Cotton Australia website, cotton can absorb up to 27 times its own weight in water, and the fibers actually become stronger when wet. Cotton’s thermal conductivity keeps the body warm in winter and cool in summer –…

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It Starts….

Morale Fiber

Beth Graham's photo of her Bandwagon Blanket Beth Graham’s photo of her Bandwagon Blanket

It took me all of about .25 seconds to completely fall in love with this beautiful blanket design by Beth Graham on Ravelry.

“Oh good,” I said. “I definitely need another massive recycling project on my hands that will take me nine months to finish, a la the recycled sweater poncho.”

What I really need is another one of these sitting on my desk. What I really need is another one of these sitting on my desk.

But it has some of my very, very favorite features, such as…

1. Free

2. Looks good using up small amounts of yarn… no huge initial investment to buy matchy-matchy yarn. Which I never do because I am cheap.

3. JOIN-AS-YOU-GO. For the most part.

4. Tunisian. In which I have recently been interested in honing my skills.

So, here we go. I am using worsted-weight-ish yarn for this, because that is the weight of the majority of…

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DIY smudge sticks, photo-tutorial

while we were at the farm i also made a few smudge sticks

i have enjoyed smudging for a few years since a friend introduced me to the practice, and started making my own smudge last year. they’re really easy to make, actually, and if you’re lucky enough to go to a friends farm in the country you can probably find all the ingredients you need in the field. 🙂

sage, cedar, and lavender

hold several stems of herbs together in one hand, all facing the same direction, woody stems together. wrap the stems together tightly, overlapping a few times to keep it secure, but leaving a longish tail loose (we’ll use this to finish up at the end).

i used half a strand of embroidery thread, but you could use any thin, strong twine. hold the stems loosely but firmly, and use your hand to smooth the leaves down…

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